We want to inform our buyers that we cannot exhibit prizes for our oil. The reason for this is that in order to compete, a minimum of 10,000 liters is generally required in the case of extra virgin and 5,000 liters in the case of organic extra virgin. In our case we did not reach that production. That is the reason why we exhaustively show the documentation that certifies the quality, category and ecological status of our product for greater peace of mind for the consumer.

We also inform that the documentation displayed must necessarily be renewed each campaign in order to be able to market the product with the indicated characteristics.


We show you the official documents that prove that our Veteris flavor oil is authentic extra virgin olive oil. We highlight: acidity 0.2% (limit 0.8%), zero defects, fruity, balanced, delicate bitterness and delicate spiciness.




Official test carried out by a panel of specialized tasters who, through the smell, taste and flavor, determine the quality of the olive oil.