We are a small family business, Ramabiceos, SL. We sell organic extra virgin olive oil, Veteris Sabor ® brand. We started our activity in August 2015. We have a very young olive grove of the picual variety whose plantation began in 2011.


Our organic olive grove has been declared as such by the Council of Organic Agriculture of the Region of Murcia in July 2018 after three years of transformation from traditional agriculture to organic farming.

We have an ecological oil mill industry where we make our own oil, package it and market it without the intervention of third parties, therefore, our artisan hands are behind our Veteris Sabor ® oil brand.


Our activity consists of obtaining an extraordinary and uncommon product. We do not compete by quantity or price, but by quality. In this sense we must remember what the researcher Dr. Gaforio from the University of Jaén says "To obtain a quality oil, the first thing is to take care of the quality of the olive"; This is indeed the case and in our case the goal is to win clients who value these essential principles for health, who are lovers of authenticity, who respect the environment and the plant health of our planet.


We address consumers who have health as a priority, consume healthy, ecological and wholesome products in which the least intervention has been carried out with the maximum respect for the natural environment.


Our oil is made with early harvest olives from our organic olive grove exclusively, therefore. we have absolute control of the raw material.


In the olive grove, the inputs are of mineral and organic origin. We favor the proliferation of aromatic plants that are home to allied and pollinating insects, such as olive groves, oleanders, rosemary, thyme, clover, rose bushes on fences, honeysuckle, lavender and others, as well as fruit trees such as orange trees, pomegranates, plum trees and others in order to favor a microclimate capable of maintaining health and plant and animal life in order to apply the principle of minimal intervention.