We are a small company (SME), Ramabiceos SL, of a family nature that since the beginning of its official activity in 2015.

We have a very young olive grove whose plantation began in 2011 and ended in 2012, due to the transformation of an old lemon grove.

Our organic olive grove has been declared as such by the Council of Organic Agriculture of the Region of Murcia in July 2018 after three years of transformation from traditional agriculture to organic farming.

We have an organic oil mill where we make our oil, pack it and market it without the intervention of third parties, therefore, our artisan hands are behind our oil brand Veteris Sabor.


Our activity consists of obtaining an extraordinary organic extra virgin olive oil, and nothing common, that we offer to our clients. For this we do not bet on quantity or price, but on a quality olive oil.


As Dr. and researcher Gaforio says "To obtain a quality oil, the first thing is to take care of the quality of the olive"; This is indeed the case and in our case the bet is to gain market share by offering a product of extraordinary quality and health, based on healthy and organic olives free of chemical residues.


We are aimed at consumers who love the authentic and who have as a priority to consume healthy and healthy products in which the least has been intervened, and who put health as a priority.


Our oil is made with olives from our organic olive grove exclusively. In the care of the same, no synthetic chemical products are used, therefore neither the soil nor the trees nor the fruit contain remains of this nature. The products used, both for fertilization and for plant health, are of mineral and organic origin.

To combat pests and diseases, biological control is used with the release of allied insects such as the Canea lacewing, as well as the massive use of traps with attractants and pheromones.


We harvest early, between October and November, when the olive has more healthy properties. We do not collect olives from the ground, only in flight and “milking”, that is to say that they hang from the tree and by hand, we pack them in rigid boxes and in small quantities so that the fruit is not damaged by being overweight.


The principle of minimum intervention is applied in the oil mill, which consists of grinding in 24 hours from the harvest, beating without exceeding 27º of temperature, pressing (not centrifuging), separating the oil from the vegetable water and, in 6 hours maximum, to the definitive steel tanks for long decanting; without further tricks.


The quality of our oil is controlled by the Council of Ecological Agriculture of the Region of Murcia and by the Letter Panel of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia and, in addition, the corresponding Analysis Bulletin carried out by the Food and Agriculture Laboratory of Granada, documents that can be consulted in the Documents section of our website.