Our the production and marketing of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), of excellent quality as a gourmet product, obtained directly from our own olive grove of the picuda variety.


We’ll be glad to show you all the possibilities and options available, we are sure you’ll find whatever you’re looking for.


Our main goal, undoubtedly, is to fit any of the needs of our costumers.


THE TRADEMARK: “Veteris Sabor”


OUR SLOGAN: New flavour from an ancient origin.


TARGET: To create a different oil to the concerns of our costumers.


It is a value which difference consist in to offer an EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) truly different from any other oil in the market, without any kind of artifice. Just to release a product as close as we can to how it comes from the nature.


It’s our personal handmade oil, and healthy like few others, to those customers that are tired of all always-the-same oils, and who appreciate the genuine; they won’t be disappointed. Behind our product, there’s a personal history, made out with passion and great dedication.


It’s a unique, creative and exclusive product meant to just a few. Being a basic product, we make it in such a special way, that it becomes a gastronomic delight. An exceptional product, sustainable and local. The lovers of the genuine will be identified with it.


We are what we eat, and, if we can choose, we pick the best and the healthiest.


We aren’t rudimentary, we use modern technology, overall to ensure a healthy oil, implementing the Community legislation about it, how it must be done. Food security is guaranteed.


We bet and compete for quality, not for quantity or price; all the process is handcrafted. it’s an alternative for those who love truly genuine and natural things. Our oil isn’t centrifuged, and no water or coadjuvants are added. We made healthy turning colour and air-collected olives, collected by the “milking” way, WE don’t cane our olive groves. The olives in the mill are pressed in less than 24 hours since they are collected, and after, they are beat, pressed again, and finally decanted, nothing more. We respect the timing, the temperatures and the appropriated revolutions.


Our oil is a young one, fresh, and of an intense smell and fruity, typical of turning colour olives, collected in October-November. 0 defects.


We interact with the world of organic olive groves and oils through the Internet network to obtain more modern products without changing the ancient process, from it comes our trademark “Veteris Sabor”; the handcrafted work keeps in all along the process, and so, we’ve found our place in the Internet.



In which concern the price, unfortunately, our oil is expensive, as much as hard as it is to obtain such a superior product. Nothing is easy when it comes to high quality products.


We say EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) because IT IS, that’s what we prove through the Certificated of Cata related, available in our Web site, with the Certificated of the Chemical Prove.


Our olives come from our own olive grove, where we apply ecological process and inputs. We count with the Certificated of Organic Producers, and with the bylines of the Organic Farming Board.


We state that “Veteris Sabor” it’s a young oil because we collect early, on October, and we end up by November, with a low performance, due to the collect of turning colours olives, which mean in a half way from green olives to ripe olives, with a performance of the 10%, something necessary to obtain that fruity flavour without defects.


We use the method of milking and air-collection, we don’t cane or take the olives that fell to the floor neither. The cane can damage the olives and the olive grove itself, and those damaged or fell olives reduces the quality of the oil.


The process in the mill is the same used by the Romans and the Arabs. The only difference is that we use the modern technology to secure the food safety.


We make truly olive juice of the maximum quality, like the passion we put in the process. We bet for the best quality, not for the quantity. It’s all about giving our costumers an excellent product, for an excellent price.


It’s true that it’s a high price, but not the most expensive in the market. Unfortunately, this isn’t maybe a price for anyone, but this is the cost of quality, and we make a reasonable adjust.