We make oil from our own olive grove. The most important thing obtained an oil of excellent quality, is to have a good olive. We start the collect in October, which guarantee an early and young oil, even knowing we will have a low performance (the riper the olive is, the more oil you get). But quantity isn’t our goal. We look for quality. The early oils come from turning colour olives, just the way Plinio “el viejo” said. If you wait to collect, the olive will ferment, which will make the olive more acid, and in consequence, a less-quality oil.



-To obtain a high level of biological diversity, to obtain a high-quality product.

-To offer an excellent product to respond the demand of the consumers of organic-obtained products, without damaging the environment, the human health, the animal and vegetables welfare.

-To use natural substances or its derivates.

-To fertilize with organic products.

-To keep and improve the live and fertilization of the ground and the tree line through preventive measures and the use of species and appropriated varieties resistant to parasites and illness, and the protect of the natural enemies of the plagues.

-The use of the biocrush to avoid the soil compaction and soil erosion through tillage.

-To promote the biological of the ground introducing the cultivation of legumes and others green manures and applying organic composted matter

-To produce our oil ONLY with olives from organic olive groves.



 -We are what we eat

-To eat without pesticides

-To consume organic food