Our trade mark want’s pick by chance, It’s translation to the Latin is “antique flavor”. With we try to claim the tastiness and quality of the oils obtained by the Romans and the Arabs.


Our oil is from the variety Picuda, being the most important variety world-wide due to high content in oleic acid, tocopherol-rich and beta-carotene (Vitamin E and provitamin A) and for being the most stable.


The our is a branch oil (without filtering) so it keeps all the natural properties in terms of smells and flavors.


The clarify itself, is obtained from natural decanting.


It comes from our own olive groves, really young ones, planted in 2011. The ground and the trees were treated with NO chemical products. We treat the ground with organic origin inputs, as well, we don’t use herbicides on our plants or grass, instead, we use mowing machines and tiling, becoming then in natural supplies.


The plagues and tree’s illness are prevent with the use of mineral products ant the massive use of sex-attractants traps.


This methods lead us to be in organic production.


We contribute to a substantial improve of the environment, and to create a healthier micro-weather.

Prevention is part of the treatments through pruning and thinning the trees, in order to facilitate ventilation and the entry of light, not the sun, to avoid excessive radiation; as the ancients said "the sun on the leaves and the branches the shadow".

The remains of the pruning are crushed by bitrituradora, to form part of the nutrients in the soil and prevent cracking.

These methods lead us to be in "organic production" and consequently, that the olive grove has been declared organic by the Council of Organic Agriculture of the Region of Murcia.

We contribute to a substantial improvement in the environment and to creating a healthier microclimate.


Consequently we have an authentic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil): "pure olive juice", liquid gold for the benefit of our customers, who will have in their hands a product unmatched for its natural and sensory properties. A gift for your health.

common, which we offer to our clients. For this we do not bet on quantity or price, but on quality.