Ours is an extraordinarily healthy oil like few others, full of natural properties, aromas and nuances whose character has its origin in the processes that we apply in our olive grove and in our oil mill, both certified as organic by the competent Administration that we show in images.

In the procurement processes we apply the principle of minimum intervention, which is to respect and deliver the product as nature delivers it to us.

In the olive grove: we do not use synthetic chemicals for the soil or for trees. As nutrients we use organic and mineral products. We combat pests with the massive use of traps with sexual attractants and with the release of enemies of pests and profusion of plant and animal biodiversity that generates a healthier microclimate and woodland strength.

At the oil mill: to obtain quality oil, first quality olives. The harvest is early, olives in "envero", when the quality of the olives is higher, we grind in 24 hours from the harvest and cold and natural decanting to respect the principle of minimum intervention.

The result: Due to its origin it is an organic olive oil accredited by the Administration. It is extra virgin accredited by physical chemical tests and by organoleptic tests that are determined by the documents that we show.

The profile: Balanced, fruity, light bitter, light spicy and balanced oil. Median of defects 0.00, Median of fruitiness 4.0, Median of bitterness 2.2, median of spicy 3.0.

The variety: Picual, from which the most stable oil is obtained due to its high oleic acid content, which guarantees the highest resistance to rancidity.