Shipping and payment conditions


Unless unpredictable circumstances arise, we’ll try to deliver the order’s products, and within 24 or 72 hours since the date in which RAMABICEOS, SL has truly concern of the payment


The delay on the delivery may be due the following reasons:

            I) Specific articles

            II) Unpredictable circumstances

            III) Hard-access delivering zone

            IV) Breach of stock

            V) Out-of-stock products

            VI) Overflow due the high volume of orders


If for any reason we were unable to accomplish with the delivery date, we’ll inform you of this circumstance and we’ll offer you the option to keep going with the purchase according a new delivery date or to cancel the order by e-mail or a letter, and we’ll process to refund the amount paid. Keep in mind that we don’t deliver Saturdays or Sundays.


Taking the present service of delivery, you are authorizing the personal in charge of the delivery to enter in your house. We please to take away everything that could be damaged at the moment of the delivery. Except in case it’s because our negligence, we won’t take responsibilities for everything that hasn’t been take away if it was on your hand to take safer measures to eradicate risk, or at least, minimized it.


For the purpose of the present Conditions, The product we’ll be considered “delivered” by the time you sign the reception of the products at the delivery address.


RAMABICEOS, SL will issue physical invoices, which will send by e-mail or by post in the address designed by the costumer.


RAMABICEOS, SL warn that after that, you won’t be able to amend the bill of sales, according to the current legislation. (Royal Decree 1496/2003 of invoicing rules, amend by the Royal Decree 87/2005)


The costumer must verify that the merchandise received is in line with the products ordered. If not, you must contact RAMABICEOS, SL such inconvenience within less than 24 hours since the reception of the order.